Thursday, July 22, 2010


I wish, oh how I wish, today was Saturday at about 1 o'clock in the afternoon...

You see, Saturday morning I have to be on campus no later than 7:30AM because I will be taking the Praxis II social studies tests... yay (Its all in lowercase because that's about how excited I am to take these darned things).

So on top of working all week, AND having to keep up with my other homework and assignments, AND taking Maddie to her Therapy Dog Training classes AND keeping the house from looking like a disaster zone -- I've been studying to take the Praxis. But here's where it gets really good!! (Go ahead, keep reading!)

One of my good girlfriends that I went to undergrad with its coming into town this weekend with her family. As is one of my girlfriends from Charleston (with her new bf that we get to meet for the first time), AND my old college roommate is ALSO coming into town this weekend!! Tired yet?? Hope not, cause there's more!!

My mom has been down here for about a month or so, figuring out what she wants to do with their house down here since I no longer live in it. Well, I guess my father has gotten lonely, because now my dad, sister, brother and brother's girlfriend WILL ALSO BE VISITING THIS WEEKEND THROUGH MONDAY!!!

C'MON PEOPLE!!! I mean, did you really all just randomly pick this weekend, or are you secretly trying to cause me to have a mental breakdown!!

I love them all, and I am excited to get to see everyone, but I am just counting the seconds until Saturday around 1 o'clock --


help me.

Until Next Time,

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Back to the Grind...

So Summer II Semester has begun, and I am back to the life of a graduate student...

This semester I have Content Literacy and Economics... 4 more weeks of summer classes and then I'll have 5 days off before the fall semester starts. joy.

So if my posts are sporadic, forgive me. I'll be back ASAP.

Until Next Time,

Monday, July 12, 2010

The Much-Anticipated Anniversary Update...

So as you already know by now, AB surprised me with a weekend trip to Savannah, GA to celebrate our anniversary. Here's the whole story:

My mom is in town, trying to get their house ready to put on the market since I no longer live there, and she has her dog down here with her. Well, she had called and made a grooming appointment for her dog and my dag, Maddie, and she was going to just run by the house and pick Maddie up while I was at work, but AB was gonna be there.

So Mom goes over to get her, and AB answers the door. He then asks Mom if she would mind watching Madds for the entire weekend, because he wants to surprise me with a trip to Savannah. She agrees excitedly, and goes on her way.

Well, when I get off work, I call Mom as usual, and ask her how Maddie did at the groomers. She says fine, and she says to just call her when I get home to let her know when she should bring Maddie back home, never letting on a thing.

So I get home, and AB is sitting in his office, working on the computer. He turns around when I ask him what time we should tell Mom to bring the dog over, and he says,

"Welllll, I asked your mom to watch her for the weekend."

ME: "What?! Why??"

AB: "I kinda planned a trip to Savannah this weekend, because I know that you've always wanted to go. I've got the hotel, and I've looked up good places to eat, including The Lady & Sons, and I've even looked up Ghost Tours, because I know you'll probably want to go on one of those. But if you don't, I've looked up several places downtown that are supposed to be haunted and we can just kind of make our own Haunted Anniversary tour, if you wanted to do that instead. Whattaya think??"

ME: blank look "Are you serious?!"

AB: "I'm serious..."

ME: "Ahhhh!! That's awesome!!! Thank you, thank you, Thank You, THANK YOU!!! Have I told you that you're amazing??"

AB: "Maybe once or twice... But you can tell me again."

And so, we got packed and left early then next morning. We stopped just outside of Charleston on the way there to have lunch at Jack's Cosmic Dogs -- DELICIOUS!! And so cute inside!! And then we continued onto Savannah. I'd say its about a 3.5 hour drive -- not too bad at all!!

When we arrive, we check into the hotel, and then head into historic downtown. We got caught out in the rain while we were walking around, be we were having fun, so it didn't matter! One of our stops was a place called 17 Hundred 90, which was supposedly haunted. I had a delicious Peach Martini -- maybe a bit too delicious, because I was feeling preeeetty nice after that drink! :)

We went down to the river, looked in all the shops, and visited some other supposedly haunted buildings. We then went back to the hotel and got ready to go out for dinner. We ate at a great Thai-Vietnamese place downtown, and it was sooooo good!! We finished up the night at this amazing little bar, that was called Circa 1875. I love the old buildings, and this one really kept that old charm and character of the time-frame. It even had to old pressed-tin tiles on the ceiling!

Then, the next morning, we got up, headed downtown, and did a little bit of shopping before going to grab lunch at Paula Deen's The Lady & Sons. When we got up to the building though, there was already a line literally wrapped around the building! Hoping for the best though, AB walked up to talk to the hostess. We were then informed that we could put our names down for dinner if we liked, because the soonest they could get us in was around 6:30 -- it was 10:00 in the morning when we asked!!

AB had heard though that sometimes they had extra seating at the bar, so he asked the hostess about that. Unfortunately, even the bar was booked solid that day. But, we continued small-talk with the little girl, and she told us to hang around and see if any reservations didn't show up for their time. And sure enough, someone missed their reservation, so she handed us their ticket, and in we went!! AB never fails to amaze me with his luck!! Let me just tell you though, that the pictures don't do the food justice!!! It was soooooo yummy!! And the coconut gooey butter cake we has for dessert -- NO WORDS!!

And before we left, we stopped by Bonaventure Cemetery. Some of the monuments were just gorgeous!! And there was one with an inscription that I thought was just so sweet. I hope that you all can read it from the picture!

So here are the some of the pictures I took on our trip -- hope you enjoy looking at them as much as I enjoyed taking them... I feel very blessed to have such an Amazing Boyfriend!!!

And then these are a few of my favorite shots a-la-picnik!!

Until Next Time,


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