Thursday, December 16, 2010

Baby, It's Cold Outside!

Hello my lovely blog-ettes! I cannot believe that I have been on hiatus for a WHOLE month (thanks for baring with my crazy blogging schedule ladies)!! But, some big things have been happening during my month away from KBB...

1) I completed my 2-week teaching practicum in one of the local high schools. It was great for the learning experience -- I really got to dive right in and take over the classroom, as I was blessed to have a wonderful cooperating teacher. But, I also had a TON of meetings/conferences/assemblies during my 2 weeks there. Honestly, I felt like I attended more meetings during my practium than were ever even held in my high school!! It really was a wake-up call as to how much high school has changed, even in the just the *cough* 8-and-a-half years *cough* since I graduated!! Did I really just say that?!

2) Thanksgiving came and went, and it was delicious! AB and I stayed here because we were unable to go home -- me with finals and AB with work. So we decided to have a dinner with some of our friends here too! AB fixed the turkey and the gravy, and some strata, while I fixed the deviled eggs -- YUMMY!

3) FINALS, UGH! I had so many papers to write, I as I have said before, I am the world's worst when it comes to procrastination. So needless to say, I had a LOT to do in a short amount of time! But, I got it all done, was invited to a presentation for the chair of the department, and pulled off another 4.0 semester of grad school! GO ME!


4) AB had an intervivew for an amazing job... The company even flew him out for the day to talk to him and see what all he could do! And a few days after Thanksgiving, the company called him back to let him know he indeed got the job, and he'll start on January 3rd!! Only one small, teensy-weensy problem... The company and the job are in Dallas, TX!! So, we will be going to VA to see AB's mom and grandparents on the 22nd-24th, driving to good ol' KY on Christmas Day to be with my family until the 28th, drive back to SC on the 29th, and the we are renting a car to drive to Memphis, TN on the 30th, continuing onto Dallas on the 31st, and me flying back to SC on the 4th on January.

I am sad that AB and I will have to do the long-distance relationship thing for 4 months (until I graduate with my masters), but I am so excited for him and what an opportunity this is! I think that spending NYE together in Dallas will be a great way to start off living apart, creating lots of good memories in a new city together.

So, as you can see, I've been plenty busy!! Now, to my Dallas blog-ettes, I ask, "What are some things that we must do while we're there?" And to all you other lovelies, I ask for tips on doing the long-distance thing for a few months... Have you and your SO ever had to be long-distance? If so, what were some tips/tricks that made it more bearable?


  1. My now husband and I did the long distance thing (although not as far as SC to TX) for a couple of summers while we were in college. We wrote each other letters and that was the greatest thing ever! I looked so forward to getting his letter and I would hurry and write one back so I wouldn't have to wait as long to get one back from him. We both still have every letter! Good luck. At least Dallas is a good place to visit (:

  2. sounds like you had a great holiday!! 4 months will go by fast! just take it one day at a time and skype as much as you can! :)

    looking forward to reading more!


  3. Dallas is a great city and 4 months will be over before you know it! Have a great weekend!

  4. hmmmmm... i dont think i qualify as a "blog-ette"

  5. PS. I watched that elephant video with the dog..OMG!!! so freakin cute..I love it



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