Friday, March 23, 2012

I've Missed Y'all!

Can you believe it?!  The Belle is back!!

I know, I know...  I'm so sorry for the crazy-long, unannounced hiatus -- But believe me, this past year has been insane!!  Let's see...  Where to begin...

Well, internship was successfully completed and I got a job here in the same area!  I feel SUPER lucky to have scored the job that I wanted!  I am LOVING teaching (although, you would be completely disappointed blown away by what kids are willing to tell their teachers today).  I have mostly sophomores in my world history class, and there is never a dull moment!

I've also gotten back into running, and since January, I have run three 5K's, and I'm running my next race on Saturday, which is an 8K.  I've always liked running (and especially what it does for my booty!  HA!), but only since about October can I honestly say that I LOVE it!  It's my "me-time" to clear my head after a stressful day -- and not to mention it's helped me lose 25 lbs. SO FAR!  *Woot Woot*  GO ME!  Here are some pics from some of the races I've done this year...

Treating myself to some TJ Maxx after my first 5K of the year -- HA!

 Jan. 2012 -- Charlie Post 5K in Sullivan's Island, SC

 Feb. 2012 -- Oyster Race & Roast Trail Run in Mt. Pleasant, SC

Mar. 2012 -- Gasparilla Distance 5K Race Weekend in Tampa, FL.

Let's see...  I've also been doing a bit more traveling and just enjoying life.  Being single def. has it's perks!  :)

Annual Oyster Roast @ Boone Hall Plantation, Mt. Pleasant, SC

Random Weekend Getaway to Beaufort, SC

And best of all, I've got several other trips coming up!!  I'm headed back home to God's Country -- a.k.a. KENTUCKY-- for opening weekend of Keeneland's Spring Meet and to spend Easter weekend with my family.  It worked out PURRR-FECTLY to where I am on Spring Break that week...  Now to decide what to wear!!  I'm planning a post next week on outfit options, so you lovely ladies are gonna have to help me decide!!

Then, I get to head back to the beach, and celebrate my birthday (we don't have to say what number birthday -- let's just look at it as a reason to celebrate!) with my college buddies!!  How funny is this invite we worked up?!  His birthday is the day after mine, so we always had birthday co-parties in college.

Annnnnnd, speaking of KENTUCKY, I am SOOOOOO excited for tonight's big game!!  Time for some redemption for our one-loss, by one-point, with one-second remaining!!  Wish I could be in Atlanta to watch the game in person, but alas...  I will be cheering on the C-A-T-S from my living room -- perhaps a bit too loud at times, but OH WELL neighbors -- deal with it! ;)  Seriously, check out my St. Paddy's Day attire:



  1. So glad to see you back in the saddle!!! :) Your pretty Charleston pictures make me smile (not to mention your pretty face).

    1. Thanks Lady!! I've missed everyone! You should come to Keeneland opening weekend!

  2. Loooking gooooood {per usual} I cannot wait to see you in a couple weeks!!! I found a couple new places you must try in Lex! Orange Leaf, the new shop I was telling you about in front of the mall, Malones or Sal's for dinner, of course Keeneland, and more shopping!!! CAN'T WAIT!!!!

  3. HI Katie, I found you from Miss KY priss who I 100% adore! Congrats on losing the 25, you look fabulous!

    Can't wait to follow along! xoxo

    1. Thanks so much for the new follow!! Thee KY Priss is awesome, is she not?! :)

  4. girl i'm FROM beaufort!! I lived there my whole life until college and then 3 years after!! so pretty right?!

    i LOVE Me some TJ maxx workout gear....well, and everything else! that store never ceases to surprise me...or my wallet.

    good for you with all the running. i'm a runner too and you are so right - clears your head right up! :)

    1. I loved Beaufort! I in fact, did some shopping at the Maxximus in Beaufort! :)

      I'm a new follower of your blog!

  5. stopping by from The Kentucky Priss! Newest follower!!! Your blog is adorable, welcome back to blogger! Looking forward to keeping up with your life. Can't wait to see your dress for the horse races!

    xx Kelly



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