Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Back Home, New Year...

So, after an amazing Christmas vacation and trips to Virginia, Kentucky, Memphis, TN and Dallas, TX -- I am back home to the beach...

In Memphis, AB and I toured Graceland -- which was amazing!!

And then we headed to Dallas -- which was even more amazing!!

I love the city, and cannot wait to get back.  AB loves his new job so far, and he is doing so well at everything.  I am so proud of him!!

While in the city however, I was a little disappointed that I did not see more people that looked like this:
Oh well.

But my heart is heavy tonight, and this house feels so empty without AB...  I know it will get better, but the first night is bound to be hard, right?

More to cheer myself up than anything, I'll leave y'all with a picture of AB after he completed the "Homewrecker Challenge" at Hillbilly Hotdogs over Christmas vacay...  He said it was his biggest accomplishment the entire break.  Oh AB, how you make me smile.  :)

Until Next Time,


  1. I love Texas! My Mom is from there and we love to visit. You're going to need some cowboy boots if you don't already have them!

  2. TOLD YA! (about the cowboy boots!) haha

    Hang in there seeester!! You will get everything up and going and feelings in check in no time!! I know you are going to miss him SOOOO much but you are a tough cookie and this will only make the relationship stronger (cliche but you know this to be true!) love you!!

  3. I've lived in Memphis my whole life and have never been to Graceland. I guess we might need to put that on our to-do list for this year.

    Keep your chin up. The first night is always the worst!

  4. It will get better! And dang, that's a lot of traveling in such a short time!

  5. Hey girl, I awarded you the stylish blogger award! Check my page for details!



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