Sunday, January 23, 2011

New Outlook, New Layout...

And so my lovlies, I am back.

If you are reading this in a feed reader, you really must click and check out my new layout -- I just love it!  And I thought it was fitting to kinda change-it-up, since my life is kinda undergoing an overhaul, as well.

I haven't spoken to AB since Tuesday.  I have no idea what's going to happen, so I'm just going to focus on all the things I've got to accomplish.  My main time consumer right now is my internship.  I'm 4 days in, and I've already taught 2 days.  So far, I'm loving every minute of it!  Of course it has its challenges, but that's one of the parts that makes teaching so fun!

In other news, my former place of residence had a water pipe bust, and there were about 3 inches of water all through the house!

Mom and Dad have been down to help with all the cleaning/restoration process.  As of now, there are a few walls knocked out, and all of the flooring and cabinets have to come out.  If I end up moving back in here, it will be a couple of weeks at least.  However, the insurance is covering everything, so that is a blessing!

I have also decided I wanna get back into crafting more.  I know my free time will be limited, due to my internship, but the first thing I want to make is a Valentine's Day wreath.  I'm loving these ideas:

And before I go, I just want to say "thank you" again to all who left such sweet comments on my last post.  You will never know how much I appreciated those words of encouragement.  I could never say enough to let each of you know just how much that touched me.  When I began this little blog, I would never have imagined what great friends it would bring into my life...  And that's what I consider you ladies -- my friends -- because friends are there for you in your time of need.  By leaving those comments, even if they were just a few short words, you were all there for me when I was hurting, so just a final "Thank You."


  1. I love love LOVE your blog re-design!!!! It's so cute!!! :)

  2. Loving the new blog design! Sometimes out with the old and in with the new can be a really good thing :) Good luck with your place! Thank god for insurance!

  3. It looks awesome!! I'm continuing to pray for you! I hope things start looking up!

    I know you must be SO glad that your insurance is covering everything! Thank goodness!!

  4. you new layout is fab!
    Boo for the 3 inches of water you had to deal with but thankfully it's covered through insurance!

  5. I'm a fairly new follower, so I don't know much about you and AB, but from what I've read on some of your posts - you seem like such a fun and great person!

    Also, love love the new blog design!!

  6. Love the new blog design !!!!

    Hope your doing well girl, praying for you!!!

    Hope things improve with your house issue and you get to move in soon!!!! :)


  7. why is there water in your house?

  8. I love the new layout. Sorry to hear about your breakup :(

  9. thank you for the sweet blog comment! It made my day :) Your blog is so cute! I keep reading your posts to catch up haha. You are from my area?? How cool! I love amos lee, he is so so amazing. Hope to talk to you soon :)

  10. oh sweetheart - I am SO sorry. Water damage is the worst! At least you've got cute rain boots? :)

  11. Hey girl! I am your newest follower :) I found you thru your bff Jess and since I just loveee that doll I figured you are probably just as cool haha :) have a good weekend!



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