Wednesday, May 12, 2010

I Need Your Help...

AB and I will be celebrating our first year together next month, and I am in deperate need of some great gift ideas. My only restaints are time and (of course) money. I'd like to not spend more than $100.00.

What did you fabulous ladies get for your S.O.'s on your anniversary?

Thanks in advance!!


  1. Wow...I should remember shouldn't I?! I don't though. LOL Well, I can give you some ideas of gifts I've gotten him anyway. A nice watch, a homemade DVD showing pictures of us together before we got married, pictures from our wedding and recent pictures with our song playing in the background, tickets to a concert, a homemade CD of love songs that had meaning behind them for us, I cleaned his truck out completely and organized and washed it inside and out as a surprise (I told him I needed to borrow the truck to move something so he took my car to work), a homemade shadow box with pictures, tickets from places we've been, shells (we got married on the beach),little scrapbooking things that you can get at Hobby Lobby (I got little camping stuff, fishing stuff, and other stuff we love to do together)...If I think of any more I'll let you know! :)

  2. i got a medium size treasure chest from a craft store and stained it. Put a quote on the top about stars and then on the inside i put stars in the box and reasons why i loved him. Also in the box i put 365 hershey kisses and hugs (1 for each day we were together). i also put a poem and picture on the inside of the lid. Now we use that as our special box and put things in there that we do together. It it didnt cost that much money and we still use it to this day!

  3. You need to do something crafty! Its going to be inexpensive and from the heart and AB is going to love it....PLUS you are in the craft mode right now! I would compile all your pictures of memories you have made in the past year and make them into something he is going to love.

  4. What great ideas!! And so personalized too!! Thank you girls sooo much!

  5. Why not make his favorite dinner and give him a "crafty" gift?



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