Wednesday, May 19, 2010

It's Wednesday Already?!

Thankfully, this week is flying by!! I've got 1.5 more days until I'm officially on vacation!! Unfortunately, I dot have a trip to an exotic locale planned, but I do have plenty to mark off my TTDL (things to-do list).


Packing has come to a screeching halt this week, with the family visiting. I'm sure this will take up the majority of my time next week. Then, there's the whole other task of trying to get AB to organize all of his things so that there's room for all of mine! Although, I will say that he's been pretty good about it up to this point. I'm just a little worried because he will be out of town for a conference in NC this weekend and then in NY next weekend. I have a feeling that I will be organizing most of his things too. Oh well, I guess at least it will be done the right way then!! ;)

And, just today, I found out that my college roomate for my first 2 years at CCU will be visiting tomorrow! EEEK!! I'm so excited to see her, but keep in mind that the fam doesn't leave 'til Sunday morning...

So, let's refresh -- Ern visiting, Family here til Sunday, and then packing/moving... Ok, that get's me through the rest of THIS week.

Now, we'll move onto NEXT week.

AB will get home Sunday night, and I'm sure I'll still be organizing making room for my stuff. And then Wednesday is our girls' night out/SATC2 Premier Party.

Thursday, the moving/packing will of course continue, but I also have to take AB to the airport for his trip to NY. All the while, I need to be getting everything ready/paying fees/finding the perfect tote for going back to school, which starts on the 7th.

SHEESH... And I'll say it again, SHEESH!!

But speaking of the perfect back-to-school bag, take a look at these super-cute steals!

These are all from L.L. Bean.

And then there's this one from Vineyard Vines...

And this one from Vera Bradley (via E-bay)...

And all of these from uber-talented Etsy sellers!!

Now I have to pick one... One??? Hmm, this is gonna be difficult. I'll let you all know what I decide!

Until next time,


  1. I LOVE the oober cute Etsy bag! JUST saying..
    you ARE Miss Organizer will get it all accomplished, and I would prefer to have him gone so I have free reign to "organize" hahaha

  2. Have so much fun with your old college roomate tomorrow!!!! I bet y'all will have a BLAST!

    I LOOOVVEEE that second bag from LL Bean!!! It's sooo cute!!! :)

    Happy vacation!!!

  3. Hi honey! I am loving your totes, one is cuter than the next! The etsy ones are really unique, I haven't seen those before! :) Have the most wonderful vacation ever if I don't speak to you before then! xox

  4. How will you choose!? They're all so cute! You sound super busy and deserve a vacation to rest up! :)

  5. Your blog is adorable! My friends and I are also planning a SATC2 party before we see the movie!

  6. Hey girl!!! Hope you're doing okay! Miss ya out here in the blog world!! I just wanted to let ya know that I left you an award on my blog!! :)

  7. I left you an award over at my blog if you feel like playing along. Have a great day!

  8. Great picks! stumbled on your blog-lovely!

    Cheers, Jesa



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