Thursday, May 6, 2010

Seis de Mayo!

Hope that you all are enjoying your day of recovery from the 5th of May margaritas and mayhem!

I had a nice, relaxing cinco this year. Two of my best girlfriends, CC (who I blogged about here) and Gal, and I had dinner and a local, hole-in-the-wall Mexican place and then went back to CC's house to have a glass of wine, look at all her wedding pictures (she and the MR. just celebrated their 1-yr anniversary), and watch a few episodes of Sex and the City!!

Gal is a HUGE SATC fan, I have seen a few of the episodes and the movie with my lil sister, and CC has never seen an episode one -- until last night, of course -- so we really run the gammit on SATC knowledge! But we are all trying to get familiar with the four famous friends because Gal has quite an event planned for the SATC 2 primiere!

Our local Melting Pot is having a special that offers a 3-course dinner, drink specials, and your ticket to the first midnight showing of the movie all for a mere $40.00!! So needless to say, we will be partaking in that for dinner, then heading to the place that Gal used to work for (before she started her wedding and event planning business -- Memorable Moments Event Planning, take a look!)where they host a weekly SATC get-together with lots of specials on cosmos, and then to the movie theater for the primeire! How fun do that sound?! I'm super excited!!

Now for the hard part -- WHAT TO WEAR?! Thank goodness I've got a few weeks to figure that one out, it's not until May 26th! But stay tuned -- I'll be posting pics of possible outfits and asking for ya'll's opinions!

Until next time,


  1. love love love sex and the city. I cant wait until the movie comes out!

  2. That sounds like SO much fun!! Wish they were doing something like that here! I lived in Connecticut for a few years and 2 summers ago a group of friends and I went into the city for a SATC bus tour. We went to one of the cupcake places the girls went, to "Scout" (Aidan and Steve's bar), as well as the store where Charlotte bought her Rabbit (that part was WEIRD!!!). It was a lot of fun!

  3. Your blog is adorable! I have a cocktail party planned for SATC 2, but yours sounds like way more fun!

  4. I love the melting pot!! Such a fun experience and yummy food! And I cannot wait for SATC 2....

  5. I adore the melting pot and i cant wait to see satc 2!!i followed ur blog its so cute!

    follow me?



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