Monday, April 12, 2010

Birthday #26

So, Saturday was my birthday...

It started off with Amazing Boyfriend taking me out to breakfast, and then coming back home where he then vaccuumed and shampooed all the carpets while I was outside with Great Dane Maddie, enjoying the beautiful day! Maddie then decided she wanted to go for a swim, so she jumped in the pond behind the house. Once she was good and dirty, I suppose she felt like she had done enough damage, so she came back up into the yard and laid in the sun.

I then of course needed to give the Madster a bath, to get off all that lovely smelling mud, and then I went to go and get a pedicure with one of my best friends, CC.

This girl is one of the sweetest, most genuine people that you will ever meet. We went to college together, graduated together, and now we even work together. Good thing we like each other, huh? Well, she was being sneaky and ended up paying for my pedicure too! SO nice!

Next up on the bday agenda was dinner, and I had to pick the spot. This is where it gets tricky. I love good food, but I love all kinds of good food, so I'm never the one to make a decision on where to eat. But low and behold, I narrowed it down to a great Italian place at Market Common.

If you've been to Myrlte Beach, and not visited the Market Common district, you're missing out! There's so much to do there -- shops (nice shops, mind you!), places to eat, movie theater, book store, parks, dog parks, solons, spas... It's awesome! I think the reason I like it so much is because the atmosphere down there is totally different to that of the rest of Myrtle. It's so much better! And not as "redneck riviera", if ya know what I mean!! But dinner was lovely, and one of my friends even brought me flowers!!

So then, with our bellies full, we headed home. Amazing Boyfriend proceeded to tell me about my other bday presents, which included tickets for us to go and see Tom Petty in Charlotte next month--

ANNNNNNNND... He brought back some of his grandmother's jewelry for me!! The 3 pieces I got are gorgeous!! He also mentioned that we should move in together... WHAT?! Yes!!!! So that will be happening over the next few months too!!

Overall, I had a fabulous 26th birthday... I am a very lucky girl, and my life is so blessed to be filled with so many amazing people.

Until next time,

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  1. LOL! Do tell me where to find this place! I'm coming to the Redneck Riviera this summer, and would love to venture someplace new :)



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