Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Back to School...

So today I took a half-day at work and went back to Coastal's campus to turn in my application and letters of recommendation. Now, the waiting begins. I did find out something weird though -- they make the schedules for you! Just like in high school, they pick which courses and sections you'll take at which times. So strange!! They say they do it that way though because the M.A.T. program is so regimented and time-sensitive.

The weather was really nice today though! A.B. and I went running at the track on campus, training for our 5K. Boy, am I gonna be sore tomorrow!!! I always kinda like that though -- let's me know I got something done!!

I also was very crafty this week! I made two initial frames, one for me, "K", and one for A.B., "D." I'll try to get some pictures up this next week.

I'm also excited to announce that Best Friend has decided to join to blog world!! And she was kind enough to let me design her header for her too!! Please be sure to check out her blog and say hello. Polka Dots, Pearls, and Pink... OH MY!

Until next time,


  1. Good luck!!! I went back to school and I'm not finishing up my third semester for a graduate teaching license!

  2. I am loving the new layout!! It reminds me of a Liberty of London pattern! AND! I am so grateful to you for making my super cute header for my page! You are sooo talented.



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