Monday, May 17, 2010

The Week So Far...

The family finally arrived around 5:00 pm on Saturday. Maddie Poochina was so happy to see her dog-cousin Bear, she was literally jumping for joy (all four giant paws up in the air)! We then took the puppies to the Barc Park, where they ran and splashed and played til they were both worn out!

Then, we all headed to dinner at the favorite Mexican Restaurant, and AB met us all there. It's a tradition that we eat at this place the first night everyone gets in town! Mom had a jumbo margarita, and boy did she enjoy it! We were all giving her a hard time about becoming more and more giggle-ly as her margarita started to disappear!

On Sunday, we headed up to the World-Famous Blue Crab Festival. It was packed!! I think that everyone in South Carolina was there!! But the was such a gorgeous day, and it was fun to be outside and see all the sights with the family. And then, last night, Little Brother stayed with AB at his house. I'm sure they were up all hours of the night playing video games, as that's what the do best whenever they get together. I will never understand that about boys -- what is so much fun about shooting your buddies and blowing things up for hours on end?!

Tonight, I think we are all supposed to have sushi for dinner -- YUM! Sadly, the rest of my night will be taken over by mountains of laundry! :( Have I mentioned just how much I despise doing the laundry?!

And I am growing bored with my hair... As you can see in the previous post, I like to change my hairstyle -- A LOT. Do y'all have a favorite style from the pictures I've posted or any fun ideas for a new 'do? I'm open to suggestions!! I will try to find a couple of pictures when I get home so that y'all can compare Blonde Katie with Brunette Katie, side-by-side... Can't wait to read the suggestions!!

Until next time,

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  1. YUM!! That huge margarita looks like something I need to have right now. Hahaha. Sounds like you guys had an awesome weekend! I love Little River!! We have been on the gambling boat a couple times there. So much fun!! :)

    For you...I think a dark brown with a hint of red would be beautiful!!! It would go great with your skin tone. Also, you have a great face shape for a bob. You could do one of the bobs that are shorter in the back and come down at an angle to the front. That would be so cute!!! :)



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